One of my most powerful life experiences was to have been in South Africa when Madiba passed away. In country that holds no secrets of the racism, oppression, and segregation that stains its history, for the (too brief) time after his death there was an incredible sense of unity. There was an energy of celebration for everything he had spent his life fighting for. It was a week that felt like justice, love and the idea that we could all come together and be respected as equal human beings was achievable.
What we are going through now is not new. It is not unique. History all over the world has seen injustice time and time again; great men and women have used their voices and sacrificed their lives to fight for equality and equity time and time again. If we choose (again) to not learn from those times or from those great men and women – we just need to look to history to see our future..But if we do choose to learn, the evolution into unity and respect is the most powerful and empowering celebration a society will ever experience.
Thank you, Madiba for your wisdoms and revolutions. When it seems this world needs it urgently, may they not just be ideas that we quote, but ideals that we embody.
(Picture from @HuffpostBlackVoices)

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