One of my most powerful life experiences was to have been in South Africa when Madiba passed away. In country that holds no secrets of the racism, oppression, and segregation that stains its history, for the (too brief) time after his death there was an incredible sense of unity. There was an energy of … More Madiba

Let go.

You make plans, and then Life comes in and offers you something else; something new; something different; something bigger. Something so much more than you imagined that it daunts you into wanting to hold onto the familiarity of how you thought things would go… Let go.   Let go of the details of your plans … More Let go.


The harmony you can see is in nature. The harmony you can hear is in music. The harmony you can feel is in the Universe. The harmony you can live is in creation.

Full Circle of Faith

I was born into Faith. Christened, Communioned and Confirmed in Faith. And then in every Thursday class I studied man’s interpretation of God. And on every Sunday morning I heard a man’s interpretation of man’s interpretation of God. And every day since I observed mankind’s interpretation of a man’s interpretation of a man’s interpretation. But … More Full Circle of Faith